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Spare me the YOLO lecture, I have seen some of the the deplorable death-by-accident movies. To state the obvious, I have been extremely idle for quite a time now. And by idle, I mean, "… the term which generally refers to a lack of motion and/or energy", as how wikipedia would put it. Coz’ even really passionate bloggers have their timely (restorative) hiatus, right?


WHAT I’M WEARING: Violet Top (Peacebird), Plaid Bowtie (Blooming Handkerchiefs) Red Watch (Ice Watch), Khaki Short Pants (Penshoppe), Tribal Bracelets (SM Accessories) and Blue Shoes (Robertson’s). Hype this on lookbook here.


On the grounds of my prodigious fascination to TVD’s episode "My Brother’s Keeper", I have actually contrived a Mystic Falls inspired fashion shoot. Like, a very literal Mystic Falls fashion shoot! HAHA! Now what can make a random pictorial session more accomplished than presenting my newest bowtie item? Wanky.


Along with my Econ B*tches, my keenly framed sojourn to Kapatagan for Danahlyn’s debut party was noteworthy. As much as I adored the picture-perfect scenery, the Cathedral Falls is definitely one-of-a-kind. If I may say, my pictures didn’t do justice to this magical, majestic (and mystic, so to speak) falls!


The gleaming sunlight radiated the copper-ness of my hair. 


Ultimately, this day has been notably meaningful for a number of specific reasons: (1) the dili-ni-inyo-balay bus experience; (2) the Badjao inspirational talk (subject for potential future short films); (3) Legine’s amazing (and most of the time disastrous) contingency plans; (4) on-the-spot debut hosting; and (5) bloodcurdling, random van knock while passing a cemetery. LOL. Love my Econ B*tches! Period.

I was like “Just kiss the fucking girl, Damon …” and then he suddenly kissed Elena and I was like “Ohmygosh. Wait, for real? Sh*t. So it really is happening.” HAHA!

"It appears you’re the only comrade I have left." #TeamKlaus

TEAM DELENA, forever and always. HAHA! Been askin’ myself “Why can’t just Damon kiss Elena?”. That’s a lot of “self-control” out there. lol XD


I’ve been dreaming of VAMPIRES whole night long. I am wholly blaming The Vampire Diaries for this one. hahaha! lol XD. 

Oooohh. Michael Trevino is so adorable. Don’t you agree..?

Oooohh. I miss this Lexi vampire girl.

Ooohh. That GOOD Salvatore brother.

Oooohh. That Stefan Salvatore.