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December 17, 2012. A year of seemingly lingering recovery and psychological restoration had passed, but remnants of the unforeseen catastrophe nicknamed Sendong that took thousands of lives in Mindanao are still evident. I am a living witness of the abominable tragedy! It’s not that I was directly affected by the storm. I was more than lucky not to experience the calamity myself, but more clearly, I wasn’t spared from the slow crushing agony of seeing people weep in pain because they lost their homes and families. So in commemoration, here’s a tribute to the Sendong victims!


WHAT I’M WEARING: One for Iligan shirt (Rayven Creatives),Light Brown Jacket (Penshoppe), Tribal Bracelets (SM Accessories), Brown Pants and Fashion Boots. Hype this on lookbook here.


Here’s the same “One For Iligan” shirt I acquired a year ago!


In actuality, I was completely out of shirts to wear (by out, I mean, scarcity of new shirts) and I was staring wholeheartedly at my closet for quite a time realizing the possibility that I might get late in my Statistics prelim exam if I didn’t decide fast! Intuition (or just a keen eye for fashion) helped me reach a decision: so I chose the black shirt in recognition to Sendong, hurriedly grabbed my Penshoppe jacket and ran to school on full speed.


The exam was beyond simple (thank God!) but due to the verifiable truth that I always skip lunch, I was starving after the exam. Kinda asked Legine, who happens to be starving too — more like all the time, HAHA, to take a photo of me wearing the shirt, so the random photo shoot follows! With the rest of the b*tches, we then went to Jolibee and talked about Sendong and some utterly serious stuff!

Pinoy Tumblr.: Statement of President Aquino on the death of Osama bin Laden, May 2, 2011 ›


Statement of His Excellency Benigno S. Aquino III President of the Philippines On the death of Osama Bin Laden [May 2, 2011]

The death of Osama bin Laden marks a signal defeat for the forces of extremism and terrorism. It represents the end of the efforts of one man to stoke the fires of sectarian hatred and to promote terrorism on a scale unprecedented in the history of mass murder. Let us not forget that this is not just an achievement for the United States. It has brought justice to over a dozen Filipinos who lost their lives on September 11, 2001 in the World Trade Center.

The death of Osama bin Laden should not lull us into complacency. The world must continue to consistently and courageously raise its collective voice against religious hatred, political intolerance, and terrorism of all kinds. We must remain vigilant and united in pursuing peace, pluralism, and collective efforts at security.

One sword has been beaten down; we must continue to be dedicated to the principle of beating the swords of terrorism into the plowshares of progress and peace.

Together with my national security team, we continue to take all relevant precautions and steps to ensure the safety of our people. We, as a democratic and free people, remain committed to fighting terrorism and are in solidarity with the peoples of the United Nations.


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Aquino risks Church ire on reproductive health bill

MANILA, Philippines - President Benigno Aquino III pledged on Sunday to push for the passage of a reproductive health bill in Congress as a tool to fight poverty even at the risk of excommunication from the Roman Catholic Church.

Efforts to enact a law that would promote access to sex education and contraception have been blocked since the 1990s by powerful Roman Catholic bishops. Around 80 percent of the country’s 94 million people are Catholic.

"I remain committed to push the passage of a law for responsible parenthood," Aquino told graduates of the country’s premier state university.

"I know there are those who oppose it. At risk of excommunication, it is my obligation as leader to explain my principles to them, even if their minds are already closed. But, in the end, I must listen to my conscience and do what is right."

Last year, Catholic bishops denied threatening to impose canonical sanction against the president due to his plans but reminded him to consider church’s position.

The bishops said some forms of contraception were tantamount to abortion. Abortion is illegal in the Philippines.

Aquino has indicated support for the bill, raising hopes it could be passed, but the measure was not on a list of priority bills submitted to Congress.

During his speech, Aquino spoke of meeting an unemployed 16-year-old boy with two children. He said:

"How will they feed their children when they have no jobs? Who is to blame for their situation? How did such responsibility fall on them? More importantly, how can I help them?"

The church says tackling corruption would do more to reduce poverty than slowing population growth. The Philippines has one of the region’s highest rates of maternal deaths — an average of 11 women a day die giving birth.

Foreign missions and international agencies have been urging the Philippine government to adopt a reproductive health legislative framework as an anti-poverty strategy.

The European Union has also called for the passage of a maternal health law, saying slower population growth would improve health and lower poverty. It has promised $50.5 million health package to raise contraceptive usage in low-income, rural communities. 


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