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1.) Get a GPA of 1.50 or higher!
2.) Post a look on LOOKBOOK.NU twice a week.
3.) Update my blog every after two days.
4.) Upload most — if not all — of the pictures that I took.
5.) Be a good, or great, JES sexytary!
6.) Buy a pair of shoes every month.
7.) Expand my bowtie collection.
8.) Improve my writing/literary prowess.
9.) Reconnect with old (or lost) friends.
10.) Create a fashion project on my school.

HOW’S THAT FOR 2013? XOXO, littleprimesuspect.


P.S.: So I woke up earlier dreaming about having a smallpox. I know that it was eradicated in the 70’s: and that, it could have been another strange dream, ‘cept that it happen on a New Year (ON A FREAKIN’ NEW YEAR). I started to freak out and googled what it meant. I was more than delighted to discover that it implies “money and prosperity” in general. HAHA! Let’s hope for the best!