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“By its very definition, Glee is about opening yourself up to joy.”

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Happy birthday Cory Monteith!

No. 09 in “The New Guy - Alex Pettyfer” series.

Perfect couple.


Mr. Schue:  Okay Clubbers, this week we’re going to be studying classic rock—no, we’re not doing Beegees.
Tina:  So bands like ZZ Top, The Beatles, Pink Floyd—
Finn:  —The Doors, Moody Blues, Boston—
Tina:  —The Grateful Dead, AC/DC, Scorpion—
Finn:  —Cream, Aerosmith, Rolling Stones—
Tina & Finn:  THE WHO!
Santana:  Ugh, can you both save the bedroom talk for another day? 

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so many good things in that picture…

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To purge this school from all deviation,
To save fellow students from utter desolation,
To promote the joys of truth and love,
BTW we’re both straight for ‘sho,
Bully Whips  blast off at the speed of light,
Surrender now, or prepare to fight.

Please tell me I’m not the only one whose mind instantly went there.

Oh, so many talented Pirates. Loves it.