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Ever since I became Governor, I have developed this little fascination to the color yellow. Not that it is the brightest hue of the spectrum; it stands for something else, something deep and unfathomable. As I sense the imminent time to finally shift gears and wrap myself up back to blogging, here’s a squint of my first outfit post of the year!


WHAT I’M WEARING: Dirty White Button Down (LXDCOUNT Design), Yellow-Brown Plaid Parka (The Mighty), Yellow Slim Fit Denim Jeans (Penshoppe), Wristwatch (Penshoppe), Bracelets (SM Accessories) and Light Brown Winter Boots (Thrifted).


After being discharged from the hospital, my creativity certainly needs a good jump start. In actuality, it is limping along on life support. I might need the full paddles and someone to yell ‘clear’ now, hence, the "The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine" inspiration.


Unsettling as it may sound, I’ve been having a jiffy of profound moments with myself lately; focusing on mundane things like daydreaming rather than writing blog posts, or sketching, or the usual book review. Somehow, I need to have a catalyst to regain my inner creativity and refuel my passion for fashion. ‘Til then, I couldn’t possibly think of any other hobby aside from outfit posts.


You can hype this look on LOOKBOOK.NU here. Don’t forget to drop comments, be a fan and leave your daily little hearts for inspiration and support. Merci beaucoup, mis amis! (Photos by Karl Sibuan)


After years of searching for the probable truth behind the Mayan prediction, the startling (and seemingly stupid, I think) question "Is the world gonna end?" has finally put to a halt. Numerous theories have risen, and frightening explanations have been made on the anticipated Armageddon. Today is the day that we got to prove those theories wrong. It’s December 21, 2012: and I am still alive!


WHAT I’M WEARING: Varsity Jacket (Giordano), Dark Violet Skinny Pants (Gloria Vanderbilt), Black Sneakers (Airwalk) and Tribal Bracelets (SM Accessories)Hype this on lookbook here.


Black Airwalk sneakers from my Little Bro, Nico, who happen to be my photographer in this fashion installation. He totally did exceed my expectations. For an absolute newbie (and a too-cool-for-school teenager), he knows how to take a good shot! Pure talent, baby.


Awesome wings + Herculean rings bought for a very low price.


I am planning to personally train my brother in photography. Not just for my lookbook entries but for his benefit too. Who knows he might want to pursue it after college. No one knows for sure. I can definitely see a huge potential in him! This kind of talent really needs harnessing. Besides, a good student needs a good teacher, right?


Three days before Christmas: there is no other place like home! Last night, we prayed the rosary for my uncle’s speedy recovery, and the feeling of praying together was an infinite delight. I am surely looking forward to more rosary sessions with my family. I really wish Mom was here though. We miss her so much! Merry Christmas, in advance!

Yes, people. We coincidentally have the same Bench jacket!
Don’t you just love Garage? Coz. It’s. Lee. Minho. Baby.

The Genest Infection

In a world overrun by gorehounds, art freaks and die-hard fans of the state of the art, freedom of expression has been a fundamental feat. As a fashion model in-the-making, I simply adore the artsy concepts of fashion photo shoots. I had to admit my LOOKBOOK passion is mounting this year: gradually adding the big EXTRA word to my definition of ordinary. Talk about classy and sassy!

WHAT I’M WEARING: Black Blazer, Black Button-Down and Boots (Thrifted), Slim Fit Black Jeans (Penshoppe), various accessories: the morbid skull tie, skull wristband and three finger ring (Thrifted). Hype this on lookbook here.

This fashion installation was my official entry to SPOOKBOOK.NU. My bff Letty got to ask me (a year ago) to do a Rick Genest look, and I honestly do not have any idea who he was by that time. It took me a week after to find out that he was that skull guy in the Born This Way MV. (We certainly all have our own fair share of I’m-such-a-loser-for-not-knowing-it experiences, this was definitely mine!) 

We never got the chance to do the shoot last year due to time and distance constraints. And then semestral break came, and we’ve decided to finish what we’ve started by re-creating the whole idea and figure the whole thing together. Now, to state the obvious, we’ve fortunately fabricated an avant garde, magazine-type LOOKBOOK photo shoot: a rarity for me.

Hugely inspired by Rico, The Zombie Boy, Letty made use of concealers, eyebrows, paint brushes and poster paints for the face. And then with her unfailing words of advice, the wardrobe was all mine! I have always been intensely fascinated with the human anatomy, all things B&W, and the morbid stuff — evidently, this was a mishmash of my fancy sinister obsession. 

I was completely unaware that the art on Rick’s body were tattoos (That freakin’ hurts!), though, I sort of guessed! If my spotty memory served me well, I have delved into his website for like a thousand times already. West East Mag's editorial fairly stated that, "His shocking exterior is an expression of his inner struggle between good versus evil, life and death, anarchy against authority."

And then here comes SPOOKBOOK.NU Halloween Costume Contest. I couldn’t have think of any other gear to immortalize my concept of Halloween: "I just need to do Rick Genest!"

Big thanks to Letty! Hope I did justice to the look coz’ without a doubt, there’s no way of denying that I am decidedly a Rick Genest fan!

Signed and Sealed

I don’t get to keep my blog up to date: I probably only have the weekend to post some stuff here. Perhaps a major reason behind my sluggish updates is my overwhelming schedule packed with scholastic crap, MV shoots, dance practices and the like. Busy is the word, people! This week has been really, really hectic.


WHAT I’M WEARING: Plain Orange Sweater, Dark Brown Skinny Jeans, Diamond Timepiece, Black Bagpack and White Skate Shoes (Supra). Hype this on lookbook here.


I somehow bristle at the thought of wearing towering dance shoes in a day-to-day basis (that awkward feeling when people stare at you head-to-foot-ically, if you know what I mean). For one, I only wear them in dance rehearsals and big, classy production numbers. But I have always been used to countless scrutiny from random strangers. So, no biggie!


Now that I subscribe monthly to various magazines like Garage, Preview and Cosmopolitan, keeping them organized (and dirt-free, apparently) has been a personal responsibility. Stock boxes are certainly a must-have!


Truth is, I have always envied places with chilly weathers. They basically can wear anything that they want, from fancy overcoats to lovely, stylish sweaters without having to worry about excessive sweating.


The year has finally reached its 3/4th mark. I probably would want to spend the remaining -ber months wearing dance shoes after seeing its exquisiteness in this fashion installation.

Photos by Legine Ramayla. Post-processed by Jomie Hospital.

First Day High

I finally have my second look in Thanks to Johanna for taking my photos. I am so happy that my HP t200 Digital Camcorder is working perfectly fine.

I really, really love this shirt. It’s from Fun Tee’s. The message is off the hook. Have to thank Carmel for helping me decide to buy this one.

And these shoes, GAWD, I so love them. SOOO COOL.

And yeah, here I am, promising to myself to do pictorials more often and post everything here in TUMBLR. Wish me luck. Had to balance my books and my sartorial cravings. Hype “Chapter 02: First Day High” by Jomie Hospital on

Bohemian Rhapsody

This guy from lookbook is really, really, REALLY amaaazing. His fashion statement is epic and everything about him is perfect. Awesome. Lovely.

(SOURCE: lookbook. nu)

PWF Spring/Summer 2011

The SM Department Store Spring / Summer 2011 collection is a mélange of diversified trends that could, conveniently, cross fashion borders—age, lifestyle and preferences. It features a range of looks from classic to hip, all from the Ladies’ WearMen’s Wear and Parisian Shoes.

  • Ladies’ Wear

  • Men’s Wear

  • Parisian Shoes