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Seasons of greetings, seasons of joy! What supposed to be a one-day social gathering has turned out to be a month-long yuletide celebration. Oops, make that four -ber months! This is the time when we wait for our favorite guardian Jack Frost to randomly sweep snowflakes unto our busy roads (how I wish). And even our Spanish amigos are sending their Feliz Navidad holiday greetings. Coz’ one thing’s for sure, baby: SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN!


WHAT I’M WEARING: Light Blue Button Down (Penshoppe), Nerdy Glasses (Ray Ban) Black Blazer and Santa Claus boxer shorts


Okay, so I have successfully turned our miniature room into a little studio. Bought 4 meters of green cloth and searched for 8 thumbtacks to assemble the whole thing. Further convinced my Lil’ brother, Abing, to take the photos (which he gladly and surprisingly did). Awesome persuasion skills I got there!


Kinda had a trivial problem figuring out the whole outfit. My closet’s in Iligan and I only bought an insufficient number of clothes with me, enough to last for the holidays (which explains the lack of style and ensemble)! So, no hate! Spread the love instead! HAHA.


That’s my 10-year-old camera from Mom out there! Doesn’t work though. Never got the chance to use it (like, ever). Sucks!


Those Santa Claus boxer shorts.. ohh la la, they’re lovely. And got another aim today: to also train my other brother in photography! HAHA. He’s got the skills (but unlike Nico), he lacks the passion! Will figure out what to do with him next week. Happy holidays, everyone!

First Blood

Finally! After a very long time of W-A-I-T-I-N-G, I finally have my own HP t200 Digital Camcorder. It was hard to get used to it at first… especially when you’re used to the usual camera. But this one, this video recorder, is rather awkward (well, perhaps at first use). Its features are really, really different from the past cameras I used. But nevertheless, this cam would definitely be my constant companion from now on. That’s for sure!

At Greenwich, Cagayan de Oro. I was really eager to take my first shot. (OBVIOUSLY) lol.

Blah. Blah. BLAH!

This one’s a memorable day too. I was with Shine and Carmel (my college buddies) the whole day. We went shopping, canvassing and all. Sorry for the photo, it’s blurry. I forgot to take off the plastic material covering the lens.

No. 07 in “The Power of Photography” series.

Easy come, easy go..

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..ooow. I want this ONE in particular. SO vintage yet so elegant.

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AAAAAAAHHH. *drool agaaaain.*

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