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Just done watching Beastly (2011).. GAWSH. I so love this movie. T’was so lovely.. those characters played byAlex Pettyfer and Vanessa Anne Hudgens.. WHOAH. And the storyline.. stupendous. Everything is perfect. Two thumbs up for this movie! ♥

TRIVIA: The producers released a statement that they were seeking a teen actor in the vein of Robert Pattinson for the role of Kyle.

Love is never ugly. (Alex and Vanessa is such a lovely pair.)

Alex is scorchingly hot in this movie. He always has this bad ass look but can be sweet and lovely at the same time. And Vanessa..? WOOOOW. They have this chemistry that would allure you to watch more. Perfect pair.

TRIVIA: When Kyle is transformed into “Hunter,” in place of his eyebrows the words “Embrace” and “Suck” are tattooed on his skin, a reference to his campaign slogan and the words used to curse him.

The film was originally slated for release in 2010, as advertised by earlier promotional materials. However, it was moved up several months to avoid competing with Charlie St. Cloud (2010), a movie starring Zac Efron whom Vanessa Hudgens was dating at the time.

No. 02 in “Who’s Your Celebrity Guy?” series.

Alex Pettyfer, Devon Sawa, Nick Carter.

Possibly separated at birth

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Perfect couple.

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He does it again. OOOW. That smile.

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That’s one HOTT Alex Pettyfer right there!

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Now that’s plain sweet. Alex is a charmer.

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Has seven known tattoos: a Celtic cross on his chest, Arabic script on the inside of his right arm, the words, “What Goes Around Comes Around” on his right shoulder, the initials “ER” inside interlinking hearts on his right wrist, a Kanji script on his lower waist, the word “emma” (dedicated to his ex-girlfriend Emma Roberts) on his ring finger and “little lamb” (dedicated to Dianna Agron) outside his left arm.

No. 02 in “The New Guy - Alex Pettyfer” series.

Ex-girlfriend is Emma Roberts. He got a tattoo of her initials on his right wrist while they were together.