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LOOK AT HOW AMAZING GOD IS! Thank you, Lord, for giving me another chance to make things right. My GPA may have dropped, but I have learnt more than ever. Trust me, the second semester’s gonna be a bloodbath. No more toying around: a new oath has been established! I definitely need to get my head back on the game.

The Genest Infection

In a world overrun by gorehounds, art freaks and die-hard fans of the state of the art, freedom of expression has been a fundamental feat. As a fashion model in-the-making, I simply adore the artsy concepts of fashion photo shoots. I had to admit my LOOKBOOK passion is mounting this year: gradually adding the big EXTRA word to my definition of ordinary. Talk about classy and sassy!

WHAT I’M WEARING: Black Blazer, Black Button-Down and Boots (Thrifted), Slim Fit Black Jeans (Penshoppe), various accessories: the morbid skull tie, skull wristband and three finger ring (Thrifted). Hype this on lookbook here.

This fashion installation was my official entry to SPOOKBOOK.NU. My bff Letty got to ask me (a year ago) to do a Rick Genest look, and I honestly do not have any idea who he was by that time. It took me a week after to find out that he was that skull guy in the Born This Way MV. (We certainly all have our own fair share of I’m-such-a-loser-for-not-knowing-it experiences, this was definitely mine!) 

We never got the chance to do the shoot last year due to time and distance constraints. And then semestral break came, and we’ve decided to finish what we’ve started by re-creating the whole idea and figure the whole thing together. Now, to state the obvious, we’ve fortunately fabricated an avant garde, magazine-type LOOKBOOK photo shoot: a rarity for me.

Hugely inspired by Rico, The Zombie Boy, Letty made use of concealers, eyebrows, paint brushes and poster paints for the face. And then with her unfailing words of advice, the wardrobe was all mine! I have always been intensely fascinated with the human anatomy, all things B&W, and the morbid stuff — evidently, this was a mishmash of my fancy sinister obsession. 

I was completely unaware that the art on Rick’s body were tattoos (That freakin’ hurts!), though, I sort of guessed! If my spotty memory served me well, I have delved into his website for like a thousand times already. West East Mag's editorial fairly stated that, "His shocking exterior is an expression of his inner struggle between good versus evil, life and death, anarchy against authority."

And then here comes SPOOKBOOK.NU Halloween Costume Contest. I couldn’t have think of any other gear to immortalize my concept of Halloween: "I just need to do Rick Genest!"

Big thanks to Letty! Hope I did justice to the look coz’ without a doubt, there’s no way of denying that I am decidedly a Rick Genest fan!

Title: Heart Is Hard To Find Artist: Jimmy Eat World 39 plays

From the album Invented, here’s Jimmy Eat World - Heart Is Hard To Find.

The Lying Game

So, I was tediously left with post-novel visualizations after reading “The Lying Game” by Sara Shepard. A week ago, I was sitting still on a moving bus picturing the list of things I am about to do in my three-week-long semestral break: in which “book reading” was not on it. The minute I landed home, I immediately detected the book — the synopsis enticing me to read further.

The PLL author surely did an astounding job in creating a new thriller series. Wickedly written in the perspective of a ghost, the series would leave readers wanting for more. Without delay, and due to distance margins (Ex. I am light years away from NBS), I asked my brother to scrounge a copy of “Never Have I Ever” from his classmate (random thanks to its owner).

I have read Book 2’s acknowledgement and discovered that there’s a TV series with the same name going on. Tried to google it, and found out that it started last year. What’s more satisfying than finishing the book series, then immediately proceed to “The Lying Game” TV series marathon? Damn hella excited!

Signed and Sealed

I don’t get to keep my blog up to date: I probably only have the weekend to post some stuff here. Perhaps a major reason behind my sluggish updates is my overwhelming schedule packed with scholastic crap, MV shoots, dance practices and the like. Busy is the word, people! This week has been really, really hectic.


WHAT I’M WEARING: Plain Orange Sweater, Dark Brown Skinny Jeans, Diamond Timepiece, Black Bagpack and White Skate Shoes (Supra). Hype this on lookbook here.


I somehow bristle at the thought of wearing towering dance shoes in a day-to-day basis (that awkward feeling when people stare at you head-to-foot-ically, if you know what I mean). For one, I only wear them in dance rehearsals and big, classy production numbers. But I have always been used to countless scrutiny from random strangers. So, no biggie!


Now that I subscribe monthly to various magazines like Garage, Preview and Cosmopolitan, keeping them organized (and dirt-free, apparently) has been a personal responsibility. Stock boxes are certainly a must-have!


Truth is, I have always envied places with chilly weathers. They basically can wear anything that they want, from fancy overcoats to lovely, stylish sweaters without having to worry about excessive sweating.


The year has finally reached its 3/4th mark. I probably would want to spend the remaining -ber months wearing dance shoes after seeing its exquisiteness in this fashion installation.

Photos by Legine Ramayla. Post-processed by Jomie Hospital.

Midnight Romeo

Like most romantics, I am unmistakably a passionate junkie for Shakespearean tour de force. As you need more reasons to initiate a love club: fall in love with pink roses and bowties with red blazers. Looks like somebody’s going to swoop for our little Romeo here! Hold up, readers . . coz’ this fashion installation is hugely dedicated to Mr. William himself!

WHAT I’M WEARING: Red “Midnight Romeo” Blazer, Light Red Button Down (All American Sunny Woods), Slim Fit Black Jeans (Penshoppe), and boots. Hype this on lookbook here.

With a little inevitable progress, I am planning to expand my bowtie collection this month. I only have a week or so before the semestral break, which accurately means, “Hello Gingoog!” in a couple of days. I just love bowties. I mean, like, who doesn’t? They’re classy, sophisticated and fashionable. I definitely yearn for a collection expansion.

So I chose a pink rose (rather than a red one) for this shoot for the reason that I fancy pink stuff. Posted a fun post last month about my pink obsession. (Read the post: Bcoz’ I Love Pink) Even soI am largely considering the idea of having an all-pink outfit post for lookbook someday!

This close-up photo immensely reminds me of the balcony scene. HAHA! We once had a dramatic duo in our English class back in high school (Look who’s nostalgic!) Somehow, in my tangled state of mind, I have imagined Romeo to be stylish, but still heftily fit in a way.

To officially conclude this modish installation, let me impart a quote from Mike of Monsters, Inc.: "You know, I am so romantic. Sometimes I think I should just marry myself. " No Fear, Shakespeare!

Photos by Legine Ramayla. Post-processed by Jomie Hospital.

The Christian Race

J-Zoners, unite! As enthusiasm flips the page from TGIFs to rickety funfests , it’s definitely time to read up on what’s in the next chapter: games and beaches, baby! Surprisingly, I was chosen as the official photographer of this bouncy social affair. Who wouldn’t say no for an answer, let alone if it could add some spark into your otherwise monotone fashion life?

The JZONE Funfest of the Christ’s Commission Fellowship  started with a blast! Incredibly ensued in Don Arc Beach Resort, Initao, Misamis Oriental, the event initiated with the formation of four vigorous teams: Red-Nosed Reindeer, Ang-Green Birds, Blue Bear and Yellow Cobra.

With Ms. CBAA, Jennylyn, of the Ang-Green Birds.

I was evidently trying to impress Jeniebeth Ann with my photography bent. Good thing I was on the mood to take pictures! Classy.

I sort of had a collection of blurred pictures on the actual volleyball match, so I kind of filtered my photos. But behind a good volleyball game are good players. And a good arbitrator, don’t you think? HAHA!

I failed to eat my breakfast due to time constraints so I decided to grab some snickers instead. This totally made me ravenous!

Amazing volleyball players from my team.

Minutes before the “Longest Line” game. Boys were highly encouraged to join since they can freely take their shirts off. And yes, people! I am accurately ready to get naked. (Kidding) HAHAHA!

I seriously need to have some workout. I’m as slender as a bamboo!

Candid moments with Jen and Ann after the Tug of War.

Jemar is doing his closed-eyes thingy again. I am not quite sure if it’s by intention or by chance but he does always end in closed eyes every freakin’ time we take a good picture. I need answers, Jem! Why? HAHA!

Ang-Green Bird member on his RAWR-inducing look.

Looks like Mr. EE’s really good in announcing.

That’s one charming smile from the bubbly, Ate Ching.

The leader of the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Chong, caught in the act trying to clarify the rules of the next game.

PAPARAPA! PULA! (Red-Nosed Reindeer)

The “Food Eating Contest” was indeed the toughest. Ranging from boiled eggs, to amplaya soup (Eeeew) and a whole plate of luscious spaghetti, team players really need to have the fighting spirit . . and a good appetite.

Couldn’t help but stare at this beautiful young lady the whole Food Contest time. She is so skeptically familiar that I just had to ask for her name. Turned out she’s the girlfriend of my highschool batch mate, which literally translates into us having the same hometown. That’s why she’s so familiar all along!

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Rugged Mentality

Hello, tumblrverse! Hankering for an out-of-the-ordinary random ramble? Well, lemme take you to somewhere outdoorsy in this “Economics” inspired casual outfit (for the love of Econ) and fashion sequence like no other! Amusing and inspiring dedication, don’t you think?

WHAT I’M WEARING: Blue Cardigan and Bagpack (Penshoppe), White E-Consciousness Tee (The JES), Dark Brown Skinny Jeans and the usual boots. Hype this on lookbook here.

"Our mission is to provide economic consciousness through dynamic activities that will mold students into becoming quality and globally competitive individuals and serve as catalysts that will generate change to further establish diplomatic relationships among Economics societies."

It has been a mantra now, especially for us, officers of the Junior Economics Society (JES), to successfully make this year a turning point to promote economic consciousness. One philanthropic intention why we want to forward this movement is that we desire to bridge the gap between economics practice and theory. Definitely a kickass way to have some fun while supporting a great cause!

The Pink Panther

First look this September is highly inspired by the Pink Nation. The PALAKASAN Fever is slowly diminishing, and I am, bit by bit, morphing back into my dorky student form, packed with all these academic crap and imminent midterm exams! *random sigh here*

WHAT I’M WEARING: Pink Sweater (P.I.N.E.), Dark Brown Skinny Pants, Red Watch (Swatch), Diamond Clock Necklace and fashion boots (Thrifted). Hype this on lookbook here.

This installation was simultaneously taken with The Blues Clues and Black Jesus, Amen Fashion (if you’re following my lookbook account). Fact is, I am gradually turning into this lazy, sluggish fashion snail who wretchedly plans his hectic To-Do-List at the eleventh hour. Tsk!

One of favorite fashion ornaments of all time. I’ve been wearing this diamond clock necklace for like 60% of the time (if I’m not wearing my school I.D.) for it looks so posh and classy! The plain pink sweater surely did accentuated its refined details.

I am definitely working on my future now. I’ve been reading various fashion magazines in the hope of becoming an editor-in-chief of a men’s style magazine someday. Made an oath to build my lookbook profile too. Hello, September. Pour some blessings, baby!

Bcoz’ I Love Pink

The very long weekend has finally come to an end. I actually had a pretty rough time figuring out how to spend four entire days alone. Well, holidays are not really that F.U.N., especially when your closest of friends went home for family gatherings. A recipe for boredom, don’t you think?

SPOTTED: A monster in my broken mirror. Scareeyy! HAHA. Be afraid, he can probably eat you alive. (P.S. Used a lot of energy for this pic, LOL)

Wasted my weekend cleaning my room. But I guess it was all worth it. I finally have a space for my toy collection. Wicked!

Still a nerd, always and forever! Long live, dorks! (Wearing my “DON’T QUIT: Every difficulty is an opportunity in disguise!” white shirt).

Have you met the mighty Genki (left) and the the beautiful Matilda (right)? Not yet? Got them to marry each other a few months back. Bought Genki in Japan and decided to make him Matilda’s significant other. HAHA!

Didn’t really have the time to read books now. I couldn’t even fit an hour of continuous reading session in my schedule. Talk about being busy!

Was wearing my white socks the entire general cleaning time. LOL

Here’s a beautiful 3-minute hourglass I bought in Japan.

Looking forward to a busy week. Macroeconomics midterm exam on Thursday and I sill haven’t read a thing. Guess I’ll have to rely on my stock knowledge (and probably common sense).

Vigorous dance practices are also a highlight this week. The Night of Dances’ fast approaching, I surely need a comfy bed to compensate my exhaustion. So I decided to have a pink bed sheet for a month. Pretty relaxing. HAHA! You’re probably asking yourself why? Simple. Bcoz I love pink!

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