The J Files

Nothing else spells excitement quite like a dance contest. Aside from making you initially paralyzed by a bunch of powerful dance stunts, it simply plucks you out from the torturing state of boredom. Here’s our ABDC wannabe, ladies and gentlemen. All sweltering in scorching fire!

That’s my bestfriend, Johanna Lou. The very person who invited us in this event. Will absolutely go back next year. Enough being said, that leaves her with no choice. HAHA!

She definitely looks like Arnel Pineda (left). Right, Madam L?

Who wouldn’t miss the popular Teach Me How to Dougie?

The group who brought home the bacon! Amazing stunts and powerful dance moves! And the fact that they are from Lanao. Amazing! 

My lame attempt at drum rolls! (HAHA. At least I tried!)

Juna Bethel’s twin sister (left). Don’t they look exactly alike?

As a dance enthusiast myself, I can fairly assert that these crews got real talent. (And loads of charm, if I may say). Here I am, gravely missing dancing and hopefully promising to create a hip hop routine this summer to satisfy my overwhelming jealousy! Wish me luck.

Photography 101

A brilliant man once said that “practice makes perfect”. And just because I happen to sporadically adore travel and photography, I have personally asked my mom to let me go to Iligan after Jen spilled the Photography 101 info. So here’s my attempt at doing some “constant practice”. Buckle your seatbelts, amateur photographers! Coz’ this is where amateurism and professionalism spells a big difference.

Lasted for about 4 hours, Photography 101 was about the basics. It was hosted by the Iligan Bloggers’ Society (IBS), in commemoration of the month of May being hailed as Iligan Bloggers’ Month.

(This is just a dynamic head-start for me, isn’t it?)

The IBS did a spectacular job in signing up the remarkable Bobby Timonera as the resource person. Additionally, Sir Bobby also did an impressive approach in coaching photography novices the three basic camera controls: Focusing, Aperture and Shutter Speed.

The rest follows: topics ranging from exposure, histogram, flash photography, ISO, metering, exposure modes and what specific lenses to use in varying situations. (Photo of me above by Revie)

As a photojournalist himself, Sir Bobby conveyed his expertise by showing his works. The photos were masterpieces (yes, they are), and his counsel surely did pave a way to great visions for these amateurs. (Now I’m a thousand percent sure! Without a doubt, I am pursuing photography.)

"Do not use full manual mode in all your shooting activities for you will miss the subject or the moments you need to capture." That’s a first-class advice to remember, Sir Bobby!

With the president of IBS, the ever bubbly Ate Xyza (right), and of course with Sir Bobby (left) after the seminar! Dope.

(Photo by Pat Noel) So to all aspiring (or frustrated) photographers out there: experiment, experiment! “There is no added cost in digital photography, just extra effort needed.”  BOBBY TIMONERA

Pista sa Nayon

Howdy folks! What’s up? Well, subsequent to my larger-than-life Japan excursion and my bummer (but still amusing) Camiguin jaunt, I opted to continue my annual Naawan visit. Took the usual five-hour bus trip, ate Tasty Rice for dinner (in a moving bus), and listened to Lady Gaga's greatness while watching the epic Eragon at the same time. So much for multi-tasking!

Got there by 9PM, terribly dog-tired. The show has started, so I had to dig my way through the excited crowd.

Pista sa Nayon is divided into two categories: the (1) Folk Dance and the (2) Variety Show competition, an affair where all barangays of Naawan, Misamis Oriental will battle for greatness.

Saw my bestfriend Johanna dance for the first time! Totally didn’t see this one coming. (Cut loose, footloose, kick off the Sunday shoes . . urgh, LSS.)

Wait, I thought "The King of Rock and Roll" died in 1977? Well, hello there, Elvis! Good to see you. HAHA.

The famous "Pasayawa Ko Day" by Max Surban.

Here’s the Performing Arts Guild of MSU-Naawan Campus. Splendid!

Wonderful vocal blending of the Chorale Society of MSU-Naawan.

The Performing Arts Guild presented a series of Filipino Folk Dances. I was really amazed at each dancer’s verve while performing. Kept me smiling! To start with, here’s the well-known Tinikling.

Two daredevils doing the perilous Sayaw sa Bangko.

Three teenage men wearing their coconut husk costumes in Maglalatik.

The most entertaining portion of the program, I suppose. This is the part where each dancer will pick a random someone from the audience to dance with them. Too bad I have my camera with me! HAHAHA.

This kind of social occasion is certainly a great way for me to sharpen my flair in photography. Without a doubt, covering every cherished memory is absolutely a photographer’s endeavor.

The Hunger Games

Happy hunger games, everyone!  And yes, the infection already hit me. Due to my overwhelming obsession with Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games trilogy, I might as well blog my exhilarating THG big screen experience. Feel free to indulge yourself to this worldwide phenomenon and join the army of unpromising romantics.

Movie poster, of course. I wouldn’t let a chance to take a pic with this one slip again, especially now that I have my own friggin’ Canon EOS 600D camera (I will be blogging about my new toy some time so stay tuned).

So to start with, here’s an attractively crazy picture of yours truly with the movie poster. Do I look too fanatical here? You bet.

And here’s my best friend in her Katniss Everdeen-ish slash I’m-sexy-and-I-know-it pose. That weapon in her back was my tripod, btw.

Epic fan pictures for the highly absorbed fanatics. Still in cinemas nationwide! (The world will be watching.) HAHA!

I didn’t fully like the movie though. I do admit the characters are way too awesome and the plot is really gripping, but I somehow despise the poor musical editing. I personally think that the movie’s too silent for a survival type. Nevertheless, I would give an 8 out of 10 for this one. Thank you for reading, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

GOSSIP GIRL hottest couple ever broke my heart the moment they said these words. As a personal tribute, here’s my GG fandom accolade. #BLAIR&CHUCK

Skulls and Skeletons

Buzz kill! I can fairly say now that my profound admiration to basic white tees are at a highly advanced level. Hahaha! I posted this look a month ago in,(and yeah, that was totally a month ago) LOL and this was taken simultaneously with the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus installation. Browsing time!

WHAT I’M WEARING: Brown Trendy Blazer (Babara), White Skeleton Shirt (New Portside), Slim Fit Black Jeans (Penshoppe), Skull Necklace. Hype this on lookbook here.

I know I am just a freelance model. And my facial expressions are terribly alike in every angle. So don’t argue! Coz somehow, I know that my modeling and sartorial artistry, at some point, can be and is susceptible to change! Hahaha.

I actually blogged this look for the reason that I exceedingly support the Postura Projecta 30-day challenge to wear something Filipino everyday. Sounds classy, right? This project is the coolest. Pinoy pride!

I bought this white Portside skeleton tee at Robinsons Department Store, at a price of, WAIT FOR IT, Php. 119.00. For a dashing and swanky shirt such as this one, a hundred pesos is really worth it. Talk about sealing the deal!

And this skull necklace, I bought it on sale, locally at Trendline, popularly priced at Php 45.00. Here’s to me and my frisky dedication to low-priced stuff.

I suppose this one ends here. Still, I’m greatly hoping to post another ‘Postura Project’ look this week. Hopefully. Comments are supremely appreciated! Kbye!

Kung Hei Fat Choi

Okay. I know it’s too late. But before you react, lemme explain first. Due to some unexpected time differences, like how January 23 is so last month ago (and I might as well add the fact that I feel so lazy blogging all the recent pictorials that I had), I decided to call this installation “The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus" instead. Lol.

WHAT I’M WEARING: Water Dragon Red Suit, Slim Fit Black Jeans (Penshoppe), Black Rosary, my usual red wristwatch and Combat Boots. Hype this on lookbook here.

Withholding the presence of the The John Lennon Tribute, I can pretty much say that this is the first "official" collaboration of Ate Konz and me. We went to the mall’s parking lot and I was really distracted by the stares of the people passing. Talk about being a freelance model!

It took me awhile to edit this picture above. I had to erase lots and lots of unnecessary details in the background. My photoshop skills a bit highly improved too. Here’s my brag rights, genuinely active! Haha.

With our dreams as our constant inspiration, and equipped with our passion and skills, nothing’s gonna stop us from doing what we want and reaching our dreams. How’s that?

I made this one earlier. Got totally bored, and was really feeling artsy a while ago. Truth be told, but constant practice makes perfect. Now, who says I can’t draw?

Charlie Bit My Finger – Again!”, more simply known as Charlie Bit My Finger or Charlie Bit Me (referring to a quotation in the video), is a 2007 Internet viral video famous for formerly being the most viewed Youtube video of all time. On December 22, 2011 it reached 400 million views, and remains the most viewed YouTube video that is not a professional music video. The clip features two English brothers, aged three and one. In the video, the younger brother, Charlie, bites the finger of his older brother, Harry. The boys’ father uploaded the video online in May 2007.

littleprimesuspect: Okay, Charlie and Harry are so adorable.

Tribute to John Lennon!

Ladies and gentlemen, witness the first collaboration of Kokone and yours truly. Just as I had promised a few months ago (the one where I said “if I can keep it artistically”), here’s another entry at my attempt in following Leonardo’s footsteps. (Too ambitious? I know. Can’t help it, I dream big!)

This was really a funny and memorable installation bcoz’ we really thought that t’was “John Denver” on the shirt. A somebody on lookbook corrected me that it was John Lennon. Embarrassingggggg.

And here’s the coloring materials that we used, my set of Pentel Oil pastels. I really love pastels. Kind of messy, but they are so easy to use. Ate Konz drew the next two pictures. I colored the other one. Now whose work is better?

Here’s mine. She tried to throw this one. I asked her not to, and colored it myself. To be honest, I sure did revived it. The drawing’s cool, y’know. HAHA!

After the drawing session, we had a quick photo-shoot (Refer above). I had to imitate the actions of the two characters that she drew. T’was really wicked. I enjoyed every bit of it.

And here’s her version of me. A little “Jimmy Neutron” interpretation, if I may say. I look cool with the nerdy glasses. And yeah, now’s the time to call everything a wrap! (Will be posting a lot of Kokone-Jomie collabs in the future, mostly about looks that I will post on