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December 17, 2012. A year of seemingly lingering recovery and psychological restoration had passed, but remnants of the unforeseen catastrophe nicknamed Sendong that took thousands of lives in Mindanao are still evident. I am a living witness of the abominable tragedy! It’s not that I was directly affected by the storm. I was more than lucky not to experience the calamity myself, but more clearly, I wasn’t spared from the slow crushing agony of seeing people weep in pain because they lost their homes and families. So in commemoration, here’s a tribute to the Sendong victims!


WHAT I’M WEARING: One for Iligan shirt (Rayven Creatives),Light Brown Jacket (Penshoppe), Tribal Bracelets (SM Accessories), Brown Pants and Fashion Boots. Hype this on lookbook here.


Here’s the same “One For Iligan” shirt I acquired a year ago!


In actuality, I was completely out of shirts to wear (by out, I mean, scarcity of new shirts) and I was staring wholeheartedly at my closet for quite a time realizing the possibility that I might get late in my Statistics prelim exam if I didn’t decide fast! Intuition (or just a keen eye for fashion) helped me reach a decision: so I chose the black shirt in recognition to Sendong, hurriedly grabbed my Penshoppe jacket and ran to school on full speed.


The exam was beyond simple (thank God!) but due to the verifiable truth that I always skip lunch, I was starving after the exam. Kinda asked Legine, who happens to be starving too — more like all the time, HAHA, to take a photo of me wearing the shirt, so the random photo shoot follows! With the rest of the b*tches, we then went to Jolibee and talked about Sendong and some utterly serious stuff!

Woah. Thank you so much, janessaedille! To tell you honestly, every comment that you guys drop on my blog keeps me inspired. I am more than delighted to know that you love it. It keeps me going! NAKS. Keep in touch!

erikayoko asked: HI, ikaw yung si Mang Serapio sa play sa iit ba? (OO,)

HAHA! Nope. I think you got the wrong guy. I believe that the play’s hosted by the Filipino Department, so basically, the actors were Filipino majors. I am from CBAA (BSBA Economics), btw.

1 year ago on 12/13/12 at 08:27pm


Spare me the YOLO lecture, I have seen some of the the deplorable death-by-accident movies. To state the obvious, I have been extremely idle for quite a time now. And by idle, I mean, "… the term which generally refers to a lack of motion and/or energy", as how wikipedia would put it. Coz’ even really passionate bloggers have their timely (restorative) hiatus, right?


WHAT I’M WEARING: Violet Top (Peacebird), Plaid Bowtie (Blooming Handkerchiefs) Red Watch (Ice Watch), Khaki Short Pants (Penshoppe), Tribal Bracelets (SM Accessories) and Blue Shoes (Robertson’s). Hype this on lookbook here.


On the grounds of my prodigious fascination to TVD’s episode "My Brother’s Keeper", I have actually contrived a Mystic Falls inspired fashion shoot. Like, a very literal Mystic Falls fashion shoot! HAHA! Now what can make a random pictorial session more accomplished than presenting my newest bowtie item? Wanky.


Along with my Econ B*tches, my keenly framed sojourn to Kapatagan for Danahlyn’s debut party was noteworthy. As much as I adored the picture-perfect scenery, the Cathedral Falls is definitely one-of-a-kind. If I may say, my pictures didn’t do justice to this magical, majestic (and mystic, so to speak) falls!


The gleaming sunlight radiated the copper-ness of my hair. 


Ultimately, this day has been notably meaningful for a number of specific reasons: (1) the dili-ni-inyo-balay bus experience; (2) the Badjao inspirational talk (subject for potential future short films); (3) Legine’s amazing (and most of the time disastrous) contingency plans; (4) on-the-spot debut hosting; and (5) bloodcurdling, random van knock while passing a cemetery. LOL. Love my Econ B*tches! Period.


I have been a little active and diligent this week. More like busy, if you ask me. Thanks to my never-ending list of secretarial duties, random internet readings and, well, future semi-political plans. (Ssshhh, HAHA) Seriously?What happened to my “2 looks per week” commitment on LOOKBOOK.NU? Urgh. I’m failing … but at least I’m keeping up!


WHAT I’M WEARING: Plaid Top (Bang Bang), Red Watch (Ice Watch), Brown Skinny Jeans (Thrifted), Tribal Bracelets (SM Accessories) and Boots (Magnum). Hype this on lookbook here.


Awesome red watch from Ice Watches for an amazingly low price!


Found this plaid top in my home closet. I forgot I even had it, and took the chance to bring it back to Iligan for some re-sizing. Ta-da! I’ve always had that intuition for what’s good and what’s not. Glad this one’s on the what’s good catalog. Too much for a visionary, eh?


And yes, people. For the love of Hayley Williams (Paramore), I dyed my hair with copper. I never had any hair color to date, aside from black: this was definitely one of the take-the-risk-for-fashion-sake case in point. Great thing I look good on copper!


Grabbed my Magnum Boots for this one. I initially planned to have a jump shot for this installation, but failed, because for the record, the boot’s unusually heavy. But you know what they say, "The show must go on!" Here’s the destined aftermath of trying too hard! Ciao.

Yes, people. We coincidentally have the same Bench jacket!
Don’t you just love Garage? Coz. It’s. Lee. Minho. Baby.

Reality check: semestral break is officially over and school fever is finally back … on full heat! Probably most of us — if not all — are still in an intellectual stupor (undeniably raising my right hand up here); the sight of our teachers doodling random stuff on the board still makes us squeamish. I admit that I kind of struggled with getting my head back on the game last semester, which highly distressed my overall GPA. But worry not; this fresh start marks my pledge of doing my best in attaining a bunch of future targets, both academic and social.

WHAT I’M WEARING: Aztec-Print Blazer (Carnival), Wild Boar White Tee (Artwork), Khaki Short Pants (Penshoppe), Tribal Bracelets and Fish Bone Necklace (SM Accessories), Bracelet (Penshoppe) and Gladiator Sandals (Oxygen). Hype this on lookbook here.

Loads of tribal bracelets all from SM Accessories.

Got this wild boar white shirt on an Artwork sale. I actually love their collection of white tees! They have a wide set of creative designs ranging from a-dork-able human faces, animal totems and relatable phrases.

"Smize, you’re fierce!" as Tyra Banks would call it. I am working on mastering the angles of my face, and was trying to go out of the box by trying new expressions. How’s this for a head-start?

On top of everything, I really want to build a name in the fashion industry. I used to be undecided in my career aspirations and I wasn’t accurately sure of anything, until now. For what it’s worth (and kindly keep up with me on this), I will work my ass off til’ I can finally become a fashion icon for some people. After all, we dress to inspire and not to impress, right?

LOOK AT HOW AMAZING GOD IS! Thank you, Lord, for giving me another chance to make things right. My GPA may have dropped, but I have learnt more than ever. Trust me, the second semester’s gonna be a bloodbath. No more toying around: a new oath has been established! I definitely need to get my head back on the game.

The Genest Infection

In a world overrun by gorehounds, art freaks and die-hard fans of the state of the art, freedom of expression has been a fundamental feat. As a fashion model in-the-making, I simply adore the artsy concepts of fashion photo shoots. I had to admit my LOOKBOOK passion is mounting this year: gradually adding the big EXTRA word to my definition of ordinary. Talk about classy and sassy!

WHAT I’M WEARING: Black Blazer, Black Button-Down and Boots (Thrifted), Slim Fit Black Jeans (Penshoppe), various accessories: the morbid skull tie, skull wristband and three finger ring (Thrifted). Hype this on lookbook here.

This fashion installation was my official entry to SPOOKBOOK.NU. My bff Letty got to ask me (a year ago) to do a Rick Genest look, and I honestly do not have any idea who he was by that time. It took me a week after to find out that he was that skull guy in the Born This Way MV. (We certainly all have our own fair share of I’m-such-a-loser-for-not-knowing-it experiences, this was definitely mine!) 

We never got the chance to do the shoot last year due to time and distance constraints. And then semestral break came, and we’ve decided to finish what we’ve started by re-creating the whole idea and figure the whole thing together. Now, to state the obvious, we’ve fortunately fabricated an avant garde, magazine-type LOOKBOOK photo shoot: a rarity for me.

Hugely inspired by Rico, The Zombie Boy, Letty made use of concealers, eyebrows, paint brushes and poster paints for the face. And then with her unfailing words of advice, the wardrobe was all mine! I have always been intensely fascinated with the human anatomy, all things B&W, and the morbid stuff — evidently, this was a mishmash of my fancy sinister obsession. 

I was completely unaware that the art on Rick’s body were tattoos (That freakin’ hurts!), though, I sort of guessed! If my spotty memory served me well, I have delved into his website for like a thousand times already. West East Mag's editorial fairly stated that, "His shocking exterior is an expression of his inner struggle between good versus evil, life and death, anarchy against authority."

And then here comes SPOOKBOOK.NU Halloween Costume Contest. I couldn’t have think of any other gear to immortalize my concept of Halloween: "I just need to do Rick Genest!"

Big thanks to Letty! Hope I did justice to the look coz’ without a doubt, there’s no way of denying that I am decidedly a Rick Genest fan!

Title: Heart Is Hard To Find Artist: Jimmy Eat World 39 plays

From the album Invented, here’s Jimmy Eat World - Heart Is Hard To Find.